Fake or Fine?

The Singapore government recently passed a bill which gives it the right to decide if news is fake or not and force the source to issue a correction – or face a fine of S$1 million.

When the next general election is held, this could prove a useful tool for ministers who don’t like the “falsehoods” their rivals are spreading…


Many journalists and tech firms are concerned that the law could be used to curb freedom of speech.  Human Rights Watch have described the situation as “a disaster” which could start an information war, but Singapore already ranks 151 out of 183 countries, according to the World Press Freedom Index, so cynics may judge that the country has little to lose – at least in terms of reputation.

A Singapore government spokesman said: “Free speech should not be affected by this bill. We are talking here about falsehoods…  The working of a democratic society depends on the members of that society being informed and not misinformed.”

True or false?  You decide…

Details here.

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