HS4: New solution for Stromeferry bypass?

Lochcarron is to be a major transport hub for the UK following a major rethink of government policy. HS2 and HS3 will be extended from Leeds to Strathcarron and a new bridge will connect Strome to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

An artist’s impression of the new Strathcarron HS4 Station.

The threat of rockfalls on the A890 Stromeferry bypass will soon be a thing of the past, say Highland Council officials, welcoming today’s announcement. “We have considered several options but following discussions with Dominic Cummings, the Prime Minister has promised to ‘level up’ spending on infrastructure here in the North,” said a spokesperson.

Investment in the new high-speed rail link and bridge is expected to top £300 billion but experts have warned that this figure may treble within the next couple of years, if things go to plan.

Further proposals to expand the airport at Plockton have been described as “totally absurd” by green economists, since this would mean chopping down several more money trees to pay for the project.

Following the recent announcement, house prices on the Isle of Scalpay “went through the roof” for a couple of hours when residents were told that “£300 billion will be invested in HS4.” Prices, however, have stabilised since owners learned that HS4 refers to the new high-speed rail link, not their postcode.

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