Killing two birds…

Conservationists and farmers are investigating new ways to protect sheep from attacks by sea eagles – there are now 130 breeding pairs in Scotland following the reintroduction of the birds in the 1970s and this could rise to 500 pairs over the next 20 years. For details, see here.

Among the new solutions being tested to frighten off the predators are “distracting food” and various scaring devices which use noise and lasers. And the latest method being trialled is helium balloons.

With US President Donald Trump coming to the UK for a state visit early next month, conservationists have also suggested making use of the baby blimps flown over the country during the President’s last UK trip – a more sustainable solution in their eyes.

“Keep off my sheep!” (Photo: Kirsty O’Connor)

“In this way,” said a spokesman, “we can not only save sheep from eagles but make our feelings known about the President at the same time – killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.”

Another method being considered is training the sheep to defend themselves from attacks by making them look much more scary, but this idea has been dismissed by animal lovers who like the sheep exactly as they are.

Animal lovers…